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003 Mieko Shiomi - Fluxus Suite (A Musical Dictionary Of 80 People Around Fluxus)


Originally released by ? Records in 2002

“To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Fluxus, I composed eighty short musical pieces for eighty Fluxus people using the following methods:

1) For each person, I used only the pitches available from the letter spelling his / her name. If an s, e+s or i+s was included in the name, b or # would be added to certain notes. For instance, Giuseppe Chiari gets eleven pitches, c, cis (c#), es (e b ), e, eis (e#), ges (g b ), g, as (a b ), a, ais (a#) and h. A few people, such as Allan Kaprow and Peter Moore have just one note, a or e, and a few groups of people have very similar or exactly the same combination of pitches. But it caused no problem, because


2) A different timbre was applied to each person. Some of the timbres in my synthesizer are sampled sounds or noises with complex or sliding pitches. These timbres were mainly used for the people who have a fewer number of pitches.

3) Regarding how to describe each person, I took a few different approaches. The first is a realization of one of his / her works. Secondly, I imitated some of their methods or techniques. For instance, the order of John Cage's notes was determined by chance operation. The piece for Jean Dupuy consists of musical anagrams. In the case of Yasunao Tone, his name in Chinese characters was written on the blank score and the points where the characters crossed the musical staffs corresponding to his pitches of es, e, as, a in 6 octaves were traced to form musical phrases. Or, as Emmett Williams lined up the alphabet to determine the points of pasting corresponding images and objects on a board, I lined up his pitches (es, e, eis, as, a, ais in 5 octaves) under the 26 letters of the alphabet and got a tone series by linking the 14 letters e, m, m, e, t, t, w, i, l, l, i, a, m, s to his pitches. Thirdly, I chose key words related to their jobs, the instruments or materials they use, the fragments they contributed for my past projects, or something which seems to characterize them. For the rest of the people, I followed my personal impressions or dogmatic understandings of them.

4) Since eighty people should be included on the CD, approx. 50 seconds, on the average, was allowed for each person. At the recording, while the most of the pieces were played automatically through the computer-synthesizer unit, some I played myself on the keyboard.

( ) pitches available, " " title of the piece being realized, - key words

1. Dietrich Albrecht (c, d, e, a, b, h)
2. Eric Andersen ( c, cis, d, dis, e, eis, as, a, ais, ces) - "Opus 16"
3. Ay-O (a) - "Hallelujah, John Cage!"
4. Michael Berger (c, e, g, a, b, h) - Harlekin
5. Joseph Beuys (es, e, b, h)
6. René Block (c, e, b)
7. Luigi Bonotto (g, b) - textile
8. George Brecht (c, e, g, b, h) - "Drip Music"
9. Stanley Brouwn (es, e, as, a, b)
10. Jean Brown (e, a, b)

11. John Cage (c, e, g, a, h) - chance operation
12. Giuseppe Chiari (c, cis, es, e, eis, ges, g, gis, a, ais, h) - piano
13. Henri Chopin (c, e, h)
14. Henning Christiansen ( c, cis, es, e, eis, ges, g, gis, a, ais, h)
15. Christo (c, cis, h)
16. Francesco Conz (c, es, e, f, as, a, ces) - Verona
17. Philip Corner (c, e, h) - "Pulse"
18. Jacques Donguy (c, des, d, es, e, ges, g, as, a, ces)
19. Jean Dupuy (d, e, a) - anagram
20. Esther Ferrer (es, e, f, h) - "The stage is to be crossed"

21. Robert Filliou (e, f, b)
22. Henry Flynt (e, f, h)
23. Ken Friedman (d, e, f, a)
24. Allen Ginsberg (es, e, eis, ges, g, gis, a, b)
25. Ludwig Gosewitz (des, d, dis, e, eis, ges, g, gis) - glassbrowing
26. Al Hansen (es, e, as, a, h) - "Das Attentat"
27. Geoffrey Hendricks (c, cis, d, dis, e, f, fis, g, gis, h)
28. Jon Hendricks (c, cis, d, dis, e, eis, h)
29. Juan Hidalgo (d, g, a, h)
30. Dick Higgins (c, cis, d, dis, g, gis, h)

31. Davi Det Hompson (des, d, dis, e, eis, as, a, ais, h, his) - "Calculations"
32. Armin Hundrtmark (d, e, a, h) - Cologne
33. Alice Hutchins (c, cis, es, e, eis, as, a, ais, h) - magnet
34. Joe Jones (es, e) - mechanical guitar
35. Allan Kaprow (a) - happening
36. Bengt af Klintberg (e, f, g, a, b) - "Canto 2"
37. Milan Knizak (a)
38. Alison Knowles ( es, e, eis, as, a, ais) - "Mantra for Jessie"
39. Arthur Koepcke (c, e, a, h) - "Fill with own imagination"
40. Takehisa Kosugi (es, e, eis, ges, g, gis, a, ais, h, his) - live electronic music

41. Shigeko Kubota (es, e, eis, ges, g, gis, a, ais, h, his) - video sculpture
42. Vytautas Landsbergis (des, d, dis, e, eis, ges, g, gis, a, b) - dignity
43. Jean Jacques Lebel (c, es, e, as, a, b, ces)
44. George Maciunas (cis, cis, es, e, eis, ges, g, gis, a, ais, ces)
                            (A) - "In Memoriam to Adrino Olivetti" (B) - fanatic
45. Jackson MacLow (c, as, a) - asymmetry
46. Gino Di Maggio (d, g, a)
47. Walter Marchetti (c, e, a, h) - falling stones
48. Jonas Mekas (es, e, as, a) - film archives
49. Larry Miller (e, a) - duality
50. Barbara Moore (e, a, b) - Bound & Unbound

51. Peter Moore (e) - shutter
52. Charlotte Moorman (c, e, a, h) - cello
53. Hermann Nitsch (c, cis, es, e, eis, as, a, ais, h) - organ
54. Serge Oldenbourg (des, d, es, e, ges, g, b)
55. Pauline Oliveros (es, e, eis, as, a, ais) - deep listening
56. Yoko Ono (none = silence)
57. Nam June Paik (e, a)
58. Ben Patterson (es, e, as, a, b) - contrabass
59. Willem de Ridder (d, e) - "Walkman Piece"

60. Dieter Roth (d, e, h)
61. Harry Ruhé (e, a, h)
62. Gerhard Rühm (d, e, g, a, h) - "Lied ohne Worte"
63. Takako Saito (as, a, ais) - game
64. Gianni Sassi (g, gis, a, ais) - palindrome
65. Tomas Schmit (c, cis, as, a, ais, h) - "Sanitas No. 152"
66. Carolee Schneemann (c, es, e, as, a, h)
67. Mieko Shiomi (es, e, eis, h, his) - "Water Music"
68. Gilbert Silverman (es, e, eis, ges, g, gis, a, b) - collection
69. Gianni-Emilio Simonetti (es, e, eis, ges, g, gis, a, ais) - mosaic
70. Hanns Sohm (as, a, h)

71. Daniel Spoerri (des, d, dis, e, eis, as, a, ais) - dance
72. Yasunao Tone (es, e, as, a) - Chinese character
73. Tót Endre (d, e) - "Zehn Zeichnungen aus der Reihe"
74. Ben Vautier (e, a, b) - "shoot at art"
75. Wolf Vostell (es, e, f) - decollage
76. Yoshimasa Wada (d, dis, a, ais, h, his) - sound installation
77. Robert Watts (es, e, as, a, b) - post stamp
78. Emmett Williams (es, e, eis, as, a, ais) - alphabet
79. La Monte Young (e, g, a) - drone
80. Marian Zazeela (e, a) - light work