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008 jessie bullivant & Mikko Kuorinki - impasse

Bikes pdf

A project by 
Jessie Bullivant & Mikko Kuorinki
20:30 – 21:30

“Bridge of Sighs” 
Cable Factory

List of works:

    Inner courtyard:

Mongoose Impasse Bike (owner unknown) Removable Sticker, 273 x 60mm (1 of 2)

Helkama Strong Power Bike, 26”

KryptoFlex Double Loop Cable
Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit Mini U-Lock
KryptoFlex Double Loop Cable

Author Basic Bike, 26”

Mongoose Subject Bike, 20”

   Bridge of Sighs:

Endless Professional Tablecloth, 98 x 98cm

Sunlight Soap (2 pack) (2)

Removable Sticker, 273 x 60mm (2 of 2)

Tecsun PL-368 Portable World Radio tuned to Radio Nostalgia, 105.5 FM

Padwico-850 Baby Monitor (transmitter / receiver)


Sunlight Soap (2 pack) (2)

Postcards, 300g gloss laminate, 107 x 150 mm (100)

No-value indicator stamps (100)

Bike metal heated to skin temperature

Earth Hour

Emails to HELEN oy Corporate Responsibility / Communications / Sustainability, requesting to turn off Salmisaari power plant sign from 20:30-21:30, on 25.3.2023. 

Sent 29th January, 9th February, 16th February 2023.

Email to Kaapelitehdas Managing Director requesting to turn off ‘KAAPELI’ sign from 20:30-21:30, on 25.3.2023. Sent 1st of February 2023

Email to Kaapelitehdas Event Coordinator asking for permission to use transitional spaces/Bridge of Sighs. Sent 12th January 2023

Playlist of songs dedicated to Impasse, request sent to Radio Nostalgia, 105.5 FM